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Data RecoverySecure Data Recovery Services offers dependable RAID 1 data recovery services through an extensive system of workplaces. As the world’s most innovative RAID data recovery organization, we give quick turnaround times, reliable achievement rates and best-in-class security.


From multiple points of view, RAID 1 is the most fundamental type of genuine RAID. RAID 1 frameworks utilize reflecting, which implies that each drive in the exhibit is precisely the same. At the point when the cluster composes data, it composes indistinguishable data to each hard circle drive. Most straightforward RAID 1 exhibits have two drives, albeit a few frameworks have extra drives for extra blame insurance. Organizations frequently reflect RAID 0 or RAID 5 exhibits with a RAID 1, making an indistinguishable duplicate of the essential cluster to include extra excess.


RAID 1 offers a few points of interest over other prominent RAID arrangements, for example, RAID 5 and RAID 0. It is to a great degree tried and true choice, as the framework won’t lose data the length of one drive is useful. Nonetheless, RAID 1 does not offer execution upgrades over a standard hard drive and may really offer slower execution without the usage of different RAID controllers. Along these lines, RAID 1 is ordinarily utilized when high adaptation to non-critical failure is more imperative than execution. Be that as it may, while RAID 1 gives critical assurance, no RAID arrangement flawlessly averts data misfortune.


Regular RAID 1 failure situations include:


Coincidental File Deletion or Formatting


Broken RAID Controller


Blunders During RAID Rebuild


Equipment Conflicts


Programming Errors Causing File Damage or Corruption


Degenerate RAID Array Configuration


Numerous Hard Drive Failures


Electronic Damage


Working System Failures


Since RAID 1 failures are generally unprecedented, you have to work with an accomplished data recovery organization to effectively recover your data. Secure Data Recovery Services offers devoted, professional repair and recovery services for a wide range of RAID frameworks including RAID 1.


What to Do When Your RAID 1 Fails


In the event that you can’t get to data on a RAID 1, don’t endeavor to modify the cluster or find a way to repair your framework. Try not to reboot the cluster, as you may incidentally add to platter harm and media defilement by working the framework in a fizzled condition.


Similarly, you ought to never run any circle utilities on the framework. Regular utilities like Scandisk and chkdsk can harm a fizzled RAID, and keeping in mind that RAID 1 is more impervious to this sort of harm than other RAID designs, circle utilities can just add to data misfortune. Control the framework around holding down its energy catch or by flipping its energy switch and contact Secure Data Recovery Services to talk about recovery choices.


An Advanced RAID 1 Data Repair Company


We keep up a cutting edge RAID data recovery lab to regard each RAID 1 failure as fast and viably as could be allowed. Our affirmed Class 10 ISO 4 Clean room permits our engineers to repair harmed RAID individuals without gambling media defilement, and on account of our substantial library of controller cards and parts, we can repair for all intents and purposes any harmed exhibit in a matter of days. We likewise keep up amazing security norms and post our confirmation reports on the web.


Motivations to utilize Secure Data Recovery Services for RAID 1 data recovery:


day in and day out/365 Emergency RAID Services


Free Standard RAID 1 Data Recovery Evaluations


No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee


Propelled Equipment and Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom


Master RAID Services with Dedicated Engineering Teams


This Industry-Leading 96 Percent Success Rate To Others


SSAE 16 Type II Certification


At Secure Data Recovery Services, we keep up the world’s best RAID 1 services by putting resources into our offices. Our engineers have years of involvement with a wide range of RAID, and on the grounds that we offer RAID 1 repair alongside our data recovery services, we can viably dispose of pointless downtime while reestablishing your framework to a working state. In the event that you have lost data from a mission-basic cluster, you require dependable RAID services from an industry pioneer. Contact Secure Data Recovery Services today to begin your case.

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