How To Setup Raid 1 Mirroring


Step by step instructions to: Setting up RAID 1 mirroring on a running remote Linux system over ssh association


Alert: Make beyond any doubt you reinforcement immensely critical information before utilizing this instructional exercise. I will be not in charge of information misfortune


In any case, what is a RAID 1?


A solitary hard drive is reflected i.e. a precise is made of the first drive. In this way, it result into the expanded fault tolerance and simple information recuperation choice for single server.


Why I am setting a RAID-1 on running system?


Old sys administrator did not setup RAID – 1 at the season of establishment. Without a doubt the best and simple approach to setup a RAID 1 is amid establishment. Just make RAID programming segment and introduce the system. All things considered, it wasnâEUR(TM)t done amid establishment; so I was made a request to do soâEUR¦




Setting up RAID 1 mirroring is simple on running system. As of late we requested new committed facilitating server. However, they didn’t setup mirroring for 2 hard disk. My setup was as per the following:


/dev/hdb (/dev/hdb1 âEUR” 40 GB)


/dev/hdc (/dev/hdc1 âEUR” 40 GB)


Each segment has been 40 GB measure ext3 organized (ensure parcel id is set to Linux raid auto).


RAID apparatuses and programming was introduced. It is called mdadm.


Keep in mind first programming gadget will be/dev/md0, second will be/dev/md1 thus onâEUR¦


You have to sort taking after order to setup/dev/md0:




mdadm – make/dev/md0 – level=1 – raid-devices=2/dev/hdb1/dev/hdc1


You can see status, wellbeing of/dev/md0 at/proc/mdstat. Sort the accompanying summon:






Better uses watch charge to revive it naturally:




watch feline/proc/mdstat


Organize/dev/md0 as ext3 fs:






Mount/dev/md0 at/data2 registry:








Bear in mind to include/dev/md0 to/and so on/fstab:




vi/and so forth/fstab


Attach taking after content:




/dev/md0/data2 ext3 defaults 0